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Roatan Rescue Animal Shelter

Roatan Rescue is the Largest
No-Kill Shelter with a 24 hour staff and Full Time Veterinarian on the Island

Thanks to the support of our generous supporters, the local community and volunteers, Roatan Rescue is home to more than 200 animals at any given time.


We are located on the east side of Roatan, and receive no government support. Our work is supported solely by the generosity of animal lovers from around the world.


Our animals are brought to Roatan Rescue due to abuse, medical needs, neglect or abandonment, and we work tirelessly to rehabilitate them and place them in a loving forever home.


We currently feed and treat dogs, cats, iguanas, and event a few horses. 


Due to the volume of animals we care for and our limited staff, we do not maintain a webpage with listings of current animals available for adoption. 


If you are interested in learning about adopting an animal, please CONTACT US, and a member of our team will reach out to you to to discuss which of our animals might be a good match for your family. 


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