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Just in time for Christmas

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Warning: The following blog contains sensitive images

Gladiator was found on the island of Roatan. Rescuers could not believe the condition he was found in. The photos couldn't sum up the hurt and pain he had lived through for way too long. He arrived at the rescues’ on-site facility with deep, horrible wounds and covered in cigarette burns. His entire body was COVERED. It was so severe that it was hard to look at. He was being used as an ashtray and no part of his body was off-limits, the burns covering his entire body. On top of that, this poor boy is suffering from TVT tumors bulging and coming out of his eyes.

Rescuers don't know how someone didn't do something earlier. Thankfully, someone reached out to Roatan Rescue for the call that would save his life. Gladiator had so much to overcome. He's always had a fighter spirit and determination to overcome his challenges, he took it day to day and never gave up. Never giving up is where the magic happens. Rescuers couldn't sum up their feelings when a forever home lined up for Gladiator. After over a year at the rescue shelter, he was loaded up and put on a boat to the mainland, Honduras.

Then God's faithful servant drove him and other rescues & pets up through Guatemala, Mexico, and to Tennessee, USA where he met Gladiators' forever family! The family then drove a rental car back to their home in Vermont what did Gladiator think? He peed on the Christmas tree 😂 🐾 💙

This sweet couple learned about Gladiator over a year ago and stayed involved with his recovery process and his care, so when the stars lined up to get Gladiator to his forever home, everyone jumped in. God made nothing short of a miracle to bless this outcasted rescue dog with the best forever home with his furry siblings and parents who live for their rescues. The world needs more good humans like them. It's so hard to let your babies go, but it's their story, not mine. I love having rescues all over the world and being able to follow along in their amazing families full of unconditional love and gratitude.

Thank you for choosing to make a difference, every day for the least of these... It's a blessing to be able to rescue animals while caring for humans.

We're only the hands and feet, we can't do anything without funds. Just like all the other rescues, we're dependent on our generous supporters. Every day we're making a HUGE DIFFERENCE, thanks to good humans all over the world 👍🏾👍🏼👍🏿👍🏻

God bless,

Janessa 💙🐾🌴


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