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Showing up For Animals Like Hunter

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

Hunter lay on the side of a dirt road. He was in obvious pain, tired, emaciated, and without food to feed his hungry body. In his eyes, you could see that he desperately wanted someone to help him, but he had no way to ask a human for help. All hope seemed lost as the sweet dog nestled into the roadside, wondering if he would make it after the accident leaving him paralyzed and unable to care for himself. Then, just a few minutes later, his world changed forever. Life for Hunter would never be the same again.

A few children were making their way down the roadside on their way to run errands for their mother when they stumbled upon the dog in dire straits. As they looked at Hunter their little hearts broke and tears filled their eyes. His skinny body was so sad to see and they didn’t know what to do to help him. None of them knew how to care for a dog that had been through such trauma. Suddenly, one of them remembered the name of a place that could help Hunter, a place that could nurse him back to full health: Roatan Rescue. The eldest of the children called the shelter, begging them to come as soon as they could to help the poor animal.

As quickly as Roatan could get there, they did. They zoomed to the part of town where Hunter lay in pain and hopped out of the car, knowing that they had to do something. They carefully lifted him and placed him in the vehicle as the children looked desperately at the situation, worried as to what Hunter’s fate may end up being. But, they breathed a sigh of relief knowing that he was going to the hands of people who dedicated their lives to helping animals in need. As the car pulled away with the dog resting in the back a light was shining on the love and hope that was hidden in the hurt of the situation at hand. Even if there were animals out there struggling, at least there were people who spent all of their time trying to help.

Roatan Rescue is a faith-based nonprofit animal shelter, dedicated to the animals and community of Roatan in Honduras. It is the largest animal shelter in the country and is proud to represent animals that are hurt, abused, or neglected in a country that lacks the funding to care. We have a public vet clinic that provides low-cost vet care to those in need. Additionally, we provide rescue services by collaborating with rescue groups, businesses, and local police to supply a haven for animals that need us in emergencies. Our sanctuary is home to over 600 dogs, cats, and horses. The founders and volunteers at Roatan Rescue have dedicated their lives to rescuing the ever-neglected animals of Honduras. The number of animals that need us just keeps on growing and

We rely on the support of amazing people who donate to our cause.

That’s why, this Giving Tuesday, we are asking you to take action in the fight for animal welfare! With your help, we can raise the funds we need to purchase and stock a Mobile Vet Vehicle. With this, rescuers will be able to provide life-saving care to animals, like Hunter, who has been left in critical condition by accidents. Additionally, it will allow Roatan to provide vet care services to animal lovers all over the island who do not have access to low-cost procedures and the rescue facility as a whole. With your donation we will be able to provide countless portable ultrasounds, sonic teeth cleaning, and so much more while helping keep animals and their owners safe and off of the streets.

Hunter is not the same dog that was rescued from the side of the road. The hope, love, and attentive vet care from Roatan have healed him and now he lights up in his wheelchair.

Together, we can do better for the animals. Together, we can be the solution this Giving Tuesday.

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